Upcoming Productions

  • Merry Men 3 portrait

    Merry Men 3

    This installment of the franchise tells the story of the Merry Men facing a new nemesis, DAFE, a former member of the group. Dafe seeks revenge on the Merry Men for leaving him behind in south Africa, he also hunts down corrupt politicians as he believes they have failed in their duties.


    Jim Iyke, AY Makun, Falz, Williams Uchemba
  • Owo Blow portrait

    Owo Blow

    Respected businessman and philanthropist by day. Criminal underworld boss by night. The double life of Owolabi is about to be exposed unless he is willing to kill the one who saved him.

  • Journey to the East portrait

    Journey to the East

    A big Eastern family whose daughter married into a Yoruba family is about to celebrate their thanksgiving... in the village... in the West. With no flights available, the family must take their journey through a road trip, the family must then experience themselves all in the same place revealing secrets, fun and the joys of a Nigerian road trip.

  • No Way Through portrait

    No Way Through

    A mother desperate to do anything to save her daughter who have been chosen as a drug mule joins forces with the anti-drug agency to bring the cartel down. But the agency is also corrupt and don’t care about her safety. One day her path cross with Christian who’s out for revenge against the cartel for almost killing his brother, they work together and succeed.


    Toyin Abraham
  • Out of Bounds portrait

    Out of Bounds

    Kunle is a young, seemingly successful pastor running a megachurch in Abuja. He is newly married (with a child) and he runs his TV/live crusades, healing the “sick” and raising the “dead” and putting on a great show (it’s all a charade with hired actors). During one of his crusade programs, he encounters an out-of-this-worldly beautiful lady, Bianca, who seduces him. They soon begin having an affair and he notices that every time he sleeps with her, he has nightmares of hell. Meeting his mentor Pastor Voke (RMD) he tries to fight being dragged into the pits of hell by the lady Bianca also known as... Karashika.


    RMD​, Demi Banwo​, Nse Ikpe-Etim​, Teni Aladese​, Preach Bassey​, Tina Mba​, Jide Oyegbile​, Bikiya Graham Douglas​
  • Aba Blues portrait

    Aba Blues

    Set in the East, the 1960s, a happily married couple face their greatest challenge when the love of her life returns to town with every intention to win her back.

  • Aja Nla portrait

    Aja Nla

    Aja Nla aims to tell the story of Kunle who lost his family tragically due to the greed and corruption of the revered Alhaji. Being the sole survivor, Kunle realizes that surviving his tragedy was just the beginning but the streets of Lagos and all it has to offer or take await him.


    Bucci Franklin, RMD
  • Why So Single portrait

    Why So Single

    When Mimi, a socially awkward tom-boy techie is chosen as the chief-brides-maid for fae, her superficial and eccentric cousin, she struggles to navigate through the dramatic world of Nigerian weddings while dealing with her personal and professional aspirations 


    Maraji, Osas Ighodaro, Sharon Ooja