About us

FilmOne Entertainment is an independent entertainment company focused on the distribution and production of Filmed Content, from Nigeria, West Africa, to the World. We distribute and produce a wide range of mainstream and commercial pictures, including international and indigenous films, and maintain strategic alliances and relationships with international studios and distributors. The FilmOne team comprises of West Africa’s most recognized movie professionals in film distribution, production, marketing, and general consulting, with combined experience spanning over 50 years, gained from the United Kingdom, United States of America and Nigeria.

Who We Are 

We are an independent film entertainment company, providing top-end services, from West Africa to the World. We distribute and provide a wide range of production facilitation services for premium Nollywood releases across the world. Our distribution network spans across cinema, inflight entertainment, streamers, linear tv networks amongst others. In West Africa, the Top 10 Nollywood titles of all-time, were all released by Filmone Entertainment.

Currently, we are the exclusive theatrical licensees to The Walt Disney Company, Warner Brothers Discovery, Sony Pictures Entertainment and Empire Entertainment in Anglophone West Africa. We also maintain strategic alliances and relationship with enabling us to distribute a wide range of local and international mainstream, commercial and/or niche content worldwide.

We are also Producers of Commercial Filmed Content, with in-house writers, content development teams and editors. We have also co-produced a number of blockbuster Nollywood releases, and have multi-picture production agreements with major production houses across Nigeria.