About Film One Studios

FilmOne Studios is a Nigeria based Production entity focused on creating and producing stories originating from Africa for a local and global audience. It is part of the Filmhouse Group, a leading Media Entertainment Company headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria.

We are involved in a wide range of mainstream commercial pictures, including international & indigenous language content. We maintain strategic alliances and relationships with international studios, production companies, sales agents and distributors on the African continent and around the world.

Our sister label, FilmOne Entertainment is the largest theatrical distributor in West Africa with a 75% market share (2022). It is also the the largest supplier of African content to the world's largest internet TV platform NETFLIX, maintaining a multi-title multi-year agreement in place since 2017. FilmOne Entertainment also maintains relationships with other major international content buyers such as Amazon and Showmaxx for Streaming and over 20 International Airlines around the world.

Sandbox, A Production Services division of the group houses some of the largest sound stages in Lagos. FilmOne studios also provides consultancy and production services to International and local productions.

FilmOne through it's audience-first approach to creativity, has either co-financed, co-produced or provided consultancy services for Nollywood blockbusters such as The Wedding party Movies (1 and 2), The Merry Men Movies (1 and 2), King of Boys, Prophetess, Sugar Rush 1, Ijakumo and indie titles like Netflix favorites, Kambili: The Whole 30 yards, Before Valentine’s amongst others.

FilmOne Studios recently achieved the record of having the Highest Grossing Nollywood title of all-time with a film conceptualized inhouse titled Battle On Buka Street. FilmOne Entertainment and FilmOne Studios are a recipient of numerous film and film business awards including the highest grossing Nigerian film of 2020 (Sugar Rush) and highest grossing distributor in Africa for 2022 presented by COMSCORE at the META Cinema Forum.