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This is the first step in ensuring that films released in the Nigerian and wider African market meet industry standard.
FilmOne reviews submissions based on the following categories –

Title | Story | Cast | Duration | Genre | Technical quality | Commercial viability.

Based on these categories, FilmOne sends a comprehensive review/film report, and makes a decision on whether or not to distribute the title theatrically or otherwise. Unless otherwise stated, a film report will be issued within 14 days after receiving a film for review.

A date of releasee can make or break a title , and no one knows this better than us. We are extremely well-placed to secure the best release dates for your title, and we surgically analyse the competitive landscape constantly to give your titles the best chance to survive and indeed flourish during their theatrical runs.

Schedule Collation

We collate weekly showtimes from all cinemas and present these to you in the most comprehensive format.

FilmOne is committed to driving the liaisons between producers and exhibitors on a day-to-day basis. It is important to get our exhibitor partners to buy into projects at the earliest possible point, providing certainty and consequently, the ability to commit to concrete marketing and operational strategies.

We are also adept at negotiating the best revenue share terms for your titles.

We consider it our core responsibility as your distributor to drive and manage these key conversations, and ensure that the exhibitors treat your titles with the same care and dedication that we do.

Finally, we tirelessly handle weekly holdovers (i.e. strategies aimed at securing the best showtimes, in herms of quality and quantity, for your titles.


FilmOne is unique in having a specialised marketing team, dedicated to providing campaigns focused on maximising the reach of your title to its ideal audience. In this way, we ensure that we target the people most likely to purchase a cinema ticket to see your title.


Surveys/Focus Groups

The Marketing team works hand-in-hand with Operations to conduct regular surveys at the most popular cinema locations, in order to maintain oversight of changing customer trends, appetites and spending habits. Our in-depth analysis allow for real-time adjustments to ensure we maximise the potential of each and every release.

Our marketing team will work with you to:


  • Agree on a P&A budget
  • Collect and collate film assets – teasers and trailers, artwork, behind the scene footage; photos and video
  • Secure sponsorship for Premieres*
  • Generate a comprehensive Marketing Calendar
  • Order and print materials for deployment to cinemas
  • Implement the marketing plan once approved


FilmOne is committed to showcasing the rich and diverse offering of Nollywood by releasing its films in multiple territories across the globe. With a vast network of international partners, the company is well placed to widen the reach and maximise revenues seamlessly.

In a constantly evolving Digital world, FilmOne has identified a growing ancillary distribution market for its titles, and tirelessly works to secure the most favourable licensing deals for its  global rights clients.

FilmOne also extends its distribution operations to a plethora of Airlines and Ships.

FilmOne understands the power of music in a film, and the value of music assets as well as the rights attached to them; the company is able to assist its clients in music selection, supervision, and clearance of music rights from composers.


A Digital cinema Package (DCP) is a collection of digital files used to store and convey digital cinema DC audio, image, and data streams packaged on a hard drive for playback on a Digital Cinema server. This is the standard format for theatrical playback, and allows for maximum convenience and security in the transmission of your content.

Our Technical team will convert your title from HD format to DCP format, and duplicate this process so that cinemas nationwide can ingest your title into their servers in good time for release.

The FilmOne Technical team conducts painstaking QC checks to minimise errors in the mastering of your titles’ audio and video.

A Key Delivery Message (KDM) is a unique, encrypted password associated with a particular title. This is the only way to gain access to titles for the purpose of theatrical playback.

For maximum security of your content, our Technical team will generate, store and issue KDMs to authorised cinemas for exhibition to customers. In this way, we ensure that your content is protected from piracy, infringement and any other unauthorised exploitation during its theatrical run.

We are the only distributor that localises and customises trailers for repsctive regions and sites.

Our team is also available 24-7 to resolve any and all technical difficulties that might occur prior to release or during the title’s theatrical run.

Script Review

As the leading Distribution and Production Company, we offer the very best of expertise to ensure our partners & clients are equipped to deliver entertaining and deeply satisfying content to theatrical audiences. We also make recommendations to ensure good positioning at the box office. In this way, we work with our clients to generate and maximize box office revenues from their titles.

At development/pre-production stage of a movie, we critically look at scripts to review the following:

❖Storyline: The plot of the movie has to be interesting enough to draw audiences to the cinemas to see the movie. We also look at the story arc from start to finish, ensuring it is well-rounded and offers closure.

❖Characters: Armed with a vast well of knowledge, experience and data, we are able to recommend a cast wishlist that will lend credence to the storyline, and that audience will find intriguing and relatable.

❖Dialogue: We aim to ensure that line delivery and interaction between characters is believable and seamless.

❖Setting: The era, time and locations in which the movie is set must give a sense of authenticity and continuity. We point out potential challenges, and recommend solutions.

❖Miscellaneous: Basic elements such as typographical errors, Director’s notes, Scene rearrangements, and edits are also considered when the script is being analyzed.

Initial enquiries should be sent to info@filmoneng.com

Once the treatment has been reviewed, FilmOne will reply, requesting the full script. 

Upon initial assessment, FilmOne will send a quotation and invoice to the enquirer and request upfront deposit of 60%.

Once payment is confirmed, the review will commence and should be concluded within 21 days. A notification will be sent to the enquirer indicating that the Report is ready, and requesting payment of the balance.

Once payment of the balance is confirmed, a full Script Review Report will be sent to the enquirer along with a receipt for the services provided

All the information transmitted to our company via this website – www.filmoneng.com – is received and processed in good faith and for review purposes only. FilmOne does not make any warranties about the security of the content, but takes reasonable measures to protect the integrity of content transmitted to it. Uploads of content on this website (www.filmoneng.com), is strictly at the uploader’s own risk. www.filmoneng.com will not be liable for any losses and/or damages in connection with the use of our website.

 If you require any more information or have any questions about our site’s disclaimer, please feel free to contact us by email at info@filmoneng.com.

FilmOne charges a flat rate of N100,000 per script.