2020 Co-production

Sanitation Day

When a man is brutally murdered, 4 suspects emerge. The Police arrive have till 10AM to solve the case before the scene becomes untenable. This is a race against the clock. Everyone is a suspect, and everyone is guilty of something and it may not be murder.

Finding Bilikis

Finding Bilikis tells a story of adventure for a radio presenter Billi Badru (BB) and a French journalist. Their adventure towards an unreported ancient site draws them closer to finding love in an unusual place. The story infuses a modern twist by telling an ancient story in the form of a relationship between the characters and their common interest of The Queen of Sheba who is said to be reincarnated in Bilikisu Sungbo (a real Nigerian legend).


The story of a young, talented man from a poor background who sets out to Europe in hopes of a better life through his dream, football, but goes through several ordeals through the desert journey before coming to the realization that any dreams can still be achieved in his homeland.


She is a spendthrift, spoilt, irresponsible diva who feels she deserves the world, until she is sacked from her job and dumped by her boyfriend for being lazy and spoilt. She has a mission to get her ex-boyfriend back and marry him, even if it means acting like a responsible adult for the precious ring.

Heels Wine and Heartbreak

A woman is jilted by her fiancé after she becomes aware of his marriage to another woman revealed via an Instagram Story. Will the relationship of 4 best friends withstand this news? And what will it mean for their futures?

SLAY: Alakada, The Final Saga (Producer: Toyin Abraham)

30 Days in China (Producer: AY)

The Game