MERRY MEN – Another Mission

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Theatrical Releases this Month

FilmOne Entertainment is an independent entertainment company focused on the distribution and production of film contents, within and outside the Nigerian territory. We distribute and produce a wide range of mainstream and commercial pictures, including international and indigenous films, and maintain strategic alliances and relationships with international studios and distributors.
The FilmOne team comprises of West Africa’s most recognized professionals in film distribution, production, marketing, and general consulting, with combined experience spanning over 50 years, gained from the United Kingdom, United States of America and Nigeria.

Small Chops

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” Nikita is an Afro performer at a hot-spot of a suburb. Though she entertains at a place where Randy men make the most customers, she keeps her self-respect. In the process of hustling, she meets Casper, a middle aged British business tycoon, once divorced by his wife after she cheated and sold him out to his partner. Casper knows a lot more about treacherous women than nice ones. As a matter of fact there’s no nice woman as far as he is concerned so he keeps his high libido in check with a couple “”understanding”” women. Of course he had a favorite, Magdalene. But even she couldn’t make him stay with her.